Pan Pastels – A Collection Of Resources

A curated blog of resources to start you off with this alternative pastel medium plus meet Pastel Live faculty member Lynn Howarth

Wayne Thiebaud – Cakes, Pie, And Watermelon

It’s about birthdays! A few pastels by Wayne Thiebaud that speak to birthdays plus John Singer Sargent’s painting “The Birthday Party.”

Sally Strand And How She Came To Choose Her Fav Pastel

Sally Strand tells us all about how she came to start using her fav pastel Rembrandt Olive Green 620. Plus meet Pastel Live faculty member Tom Christopher.

Creative Expression – Richard McKinley On How To Boost It

Artist Richard McKinley shares tips on how we can develop our creative expression. Plus, meet Pastel Live faculty Michael Chesley-Johnson.

Jean-François Millet – A Close Look At His “Dandelions”

In his painting “Dandelions,” Jean-François Millet shows us the whole cycle of the dandelion from bud to seed. Plus an intro to Pastel Live faculty Christine Debrosky.

Tony Allain Shares The Pastels He Cannot Do Without

Artist Tony Allain shares his favourite pastel….His choice(s) may surprise you. Plus, meet Pastel Live faculty member Susan Jenkins.

Karen Margulis Shares Her Experience Making A New Instructional Video

Karen Margulis shares the inside scoop on creating her new instructional video plus Vera Kavura and flower power! Both artists are faculty at Pastel Live 2022.

Doug Dawson – Evocative Portraits Of Land And City

Doug Dawson was one of the instructors who changed the course of my art path plus Jane McGraw-Teubner achieves Eminent status with IAPS.

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