Down and Dirty

Doug Dawson loves the tactile qualities — the dusty, get-on-your-fingers (and sometimes your face) dirtiness — of pastel.

Keeping a Beginner’s Mind

Lorenzo Chavez shares his secret to taking on the unknown.

Congratulations Are Due!

Mary Ellen Goetz won Best Plein Air Pastel Honorable Mention in the March PleinAir Salon competition with Downward S. Bristol (pastel, 12 x 12 in.)!

Designed for Balance

Tony Allain demonstrates his pastel process step by step.

Fixes to 7 Common Tree Painting Problems

Doug Dawson shares his best tips for painting trees in pastel.

Color Theory For Dummies

Emma Colbert shares the painting that’s had the biggest impact on her work.

Double the Kudos

Michael and Julie Freeman have been awarded Master Pastellist status by the The Pastel Society of Australia.

Aaron Schuerr Takes Top Pastel Prize

"Into the Valley" by Aaron Schuerr took home Best Plein Air Pastel in the February 2023 PleinAir Salon competition.

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