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A close look at two winning paintings in the Dakota Art Pastels 2022 Competition. Plus the Kingston Prize call for entry to Canadian painters of portraits.
Larry Moore has lots to say on the creative process and growing as an artist. Plus, Karen Margulis’s new video.
Emma Colbert takes us through the steps of choosing a colour palette. Plus a pastel painting to honour International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
A close look at two winners from the Established Category. Plus, Are you talented enough to paint?
Five resources for finding your style. Plus two pastel Honourable Award winners from Noveember 2022 PleinAir Salon.
Richard Suckling offers a way to make it easier to paint trees from photos. Plus, Carlson’s words on painting trees.
Christopher Copeland shares the inspiration behind his winning painting, “November Moonrise.” Plus, a powerful seascape by Jane McGraw-Teubner.
A review of the five pastel paintings that took awards in the October PleinAir Salon. Plus, how to use the search function on Pastel Today.
Advisory Board member Michele Ashby shares how to use the grid method. Plus how to become a Pastel Today Ambassador!
To celebrate National Take the Stairs Day, Michele Ashby shares her collection of paintings of spiral staircases. Plus Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase (No.2).

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