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7 Pastel Paintings and the Inspiration Behind Them
Lyn Diefenbach shares her method for keeping her paper in place in windy weather.
An exhibition of pastels pays tribute to the legacy of Terry Ludwig.
Pastel highlights from the 11th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo
Emma Colbert shares her best tricks and techniques.
Carol Peebles demonstrates her process for painting vivacious pastel portraits.
Working in series allows Daud Akhreiv to delve deeply into his subjects and uncover their hidden beauty.
Karen Margulis demonstrates her process for painting wildflowers and grasses in pastel.
Perhaps no one knows better the beauty awaiting us just outside our doors than the pastel plein air painter.
In this episode of Art School Live, Eric Rhoads welcomes Susan Kuznitsky with advice for adding texture to a pastel painting of flowers.

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