Night Life


While the rest of the world sleeps, nocturne painters venture out to capture the unique atmosphere and quality of light found when the sun goes down. Although a host of challenges await, from fatigue to seeing values and shapes accurately, the paintings featured here prove that rewards abound for those not afraid of the dark. 

“The Magic of Avalon” ( pastel, 11 x 14 in.) by Kim Lordier
“Ithacan Night Lights” (pastel, 9 x 18 in.) by Tatiana Roulin
“City Lights” ( pastel, 10 x 8 in.) by Carol Strock Wasson

No matter what time of day you like to paint, Albert Handell can help you gain confidence in your pastel skills. In Albert Handell: Mastering Pastels, he shares techniques, insights, and wisdom that he has gained through his seven decades as an artist.


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