Lisa Skelly Wins Best Pastel of the Year


“Exhilaration” by Lisa Skelly

Lisa Skelly’s “Exhilaration” went up against 276 other paintings in the 12th Annual PleinAir Salon Competition to be named Best Pastel.

“I’m inspired by the energy of the surf and coastal beauty,” she says. “It seems that the ocean will forever be a source of renewal, meditation, and transformation for many including myself. I love to capture the light within the wave and the movement of the sea. I especially love to paint en plein air where all of my senses are engaged and inspired.”

If you’ve been thinking of entering the PleinAir Salon but have been holding back, here’s Lisa’s advice:

“Keep working toward new levels in your own paintings. I encourage professional and thoughtful critiques as a tool to keep improving. Entering the PleinAir Salon monthly competition is a great way to get visibility. Each month is a different judge and you never know what will grab their attention. (And you certainly won’t win if you don’t enter.) So enter your best work and get advice from trusted professional artists on how to keep improving.”

Congratulations Lisa!


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