How to Add Texture to Your Pastel Painting


In this episode of Art School Live, Eric Rhoads welcomes Susan Kuznitsky with advice for adding texture to a pastel painting of flowers.

Susan Kuznitsky has previously been on the faculty of the annual Pastel Live virtual art conference.

Watch: Adding Texture to Your Pastel Painting

“As an artist, I find solace in the belief that words often fail to capture the true essence of our existence,” Susan says in her Artist Statement. “I am convinced that painting possesses a language of its own. It is through my brushstrokes, mark making, and color that I strive to communicate the beauty that surrounds us.

“When it comes to selecting my subject matter, I pursue something deeper than mere appearances. I seek the elusive dance between light and shadow, a captured mood that resonates with the viewer’s soul. For me, the subject matter comes second.

“What truly captivates me is the lyrical rhythm that permeates nature and human beings alike. The world pulsates with a symphony of beauty, waiting to be discovered and translated onto my canvas or paper. It is this innate search for harmony and grace that draws me to a particular scene, fueling my creative spirit to capture these fleeting moments.

“In the end, my artist’s statement goes beyond words. It encapsulates a longing to capture what lies beyond language, offering a visual experience that transcends mere description. Through my art, I hope to ignite that spark within others, to stir their souls, and to leave behind a legacy of beauty that echoes through time.”

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