Gifts for Pastel Artists: Your 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide


2023 Holiday Gifts for Pastel Artists – Compiled by Sarah Webb and Kelly Kane

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a gift for the pastel artist in your life – even if it seems like they have every single art supply, there’s always something new to try! This list has it all: beautiful pastels, gorgeous frames, and even a special “gifts under $50” section. If you’re anything like us, a few of these might make it into your cart as gifts for yourself, too. 😉

PanPastels are professional quality soft pastels in a unique pan format. The Landscape Set is priced at $134.50. Visit for more information.
Sennelier’s Soft Pastel Set in Landscape Colors contains only the purest pigments with minimal amounts of natural binders. Priced at $76.20 at
Blick Artists’ Soft Pastel Set of 60 Half Sticks allows artists access to twice the color and twice the creative possibilities of full stick sets. $65.15 at
Showcase your artwork with a hand-crafted custom-made frame from FrameCraft. Frames crafted with traditional techniques in mahogany, walnut, and oak. Priced from $200-$1,000 at Email [email protected] for a custom consultation.

Art Workshops

With hundreds of hours of painting instruction available on video or digital download through, there are endless possibilities for learning how to paint any subject.

For the EXTRA special artist in your life – Tickets to …

Pastel Live is a can’t-miss virtual art conference

Gifts Under $50
Browse this collection of gifts for artists – all under $50!

Gifts for artists
Give the gift of sketching on the go! The SketchBuddyTM Binder V2.0 comes with a mini drawing board and can be customized with other accessories (available separately). $47.99 at
Click here to order a gift subscription to Fine Art Connoisseur or PleinAir Magazine - gifts for artists
Click here to order a gift subscription to Fine Art Connoisseur or PleinAir Magazine


holiday gifts for artists
The Blick Utility Apron offers all-day comfort and heavy-duty protection against splatters, stains, and dust for $23.99 at
Fabriano Cromia paper is a lightfast, acid-free paper ideal for pastel, pencil, and charcoal drawing. Made of 50% cotton, these sheets have a soft feel and great tooth on both sides. Priced at $7.90 per sheet.
holiday gifts for artists
Unlike other red lenses, these Paint by Note Value Specs $26.95 are specially created to remove all colors so you can see the notes, or values, in any scene or photo. Once you look through these, you may be surprised how far off your perceived value notes were!


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