The Power of Light in Wintertime


“Winter Waters” (pastel, 18 x 14 in.) by Aaron Schuerr

“The next time the sun comes out after a snowstorm, I suggest you take a stroll in your neighborhood,” says Aaron Schuerr. “Look at the light bouncing from the snow onto a house, and the color of the house back onto the surface of the snow. Make tracks and peer into the holes; the shadow color radiates as though there is a blue light buried down deep. Back alleys can provide a masterclass in light and shadow patterns. Observe the color along tire tracks as they move from light to shadow and back to light again. Note the shift in the color of a long cast shadow from source to terminus. In short, look down, look around, and feel a growing sense of wonder at the power of light in wintertime.” 

Inside Winter Sunset in Pastel, Aaron Schuerr will show you the deeper and more meaningful side of painting — how to translate the essence of any scene onto your paper and narrate an emotionally resonant story through your art. His brilliant teaching prowess will get you to see — really see — a whole new world that is hidden from the eyes of untrained artists.


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