I don’t know about you but I’m kinda feeling a bit freaked out that it’s already November! I find my thoughts are turning to the December holidays and the Season of Giving. So today, I thought I’d gather together some cool gift ideas for you. Feel free to put them on your own wishlist because sometimes, we need to give some guidance to those who love us right?!

  1. Pastels!

We can never have enough of them right? How about giving a set of luscious Sennelier pastels or my “paint-anything” Unison Colour set?


Gift Idea - Sennelier pastels


Gift Idea - Unison Colour Gail Sibley set


2. An Art Apron

I love my aprons, both in the studio and in my plein-air bag. And this one by Blick is so cool because it has a separate place for your smartphone! Smaaaart!  Instead of getting dusty in a general all-purpose pocket, it can be kept separate and clean. 


Gift Idea - Blick utility apron


  1. A Subscription to Pastel Journal

No serious pastelist should be without a subscription to Pastel Journal!


Gift Idea - Pastel Journal


  1. Pastel Paper Sampler

This is a fantastic way to try out different papers! Every pastellist you know would like this paper sampler from DakotaPastels regardless of how experienced they are!


Gift Idea - Dakota paper sampler



  1. Storage for Your Pastel Sticks

I often get the question – where should I store my pastels? One of these boxes from Jacksons is a great place to start!


Gift Idea - Jacksons pastel storage box


  1. Viewcatcher

Every artist should have at least one of these! Good to have one in the studio and one in your plein air kit. Wondering why you should have one? Here’s why!


Gift Idea - Viewcatcher


  1. Art is Life Bracelet

Just because! 


Gift Idea - Art is Life bracelet


  1. A Membership To Your Local Art Gallery

There’s nothing like seeing art in the REAL! A membership will encourage your friend (or you!) to visit the gallery regularly and frequently. No excuses! And, there’s nothing like supporting your local gallery!😀


Gift Idea - Art Gallery


  1. A Tool for Helping With Perspective 

If you have trouble drawing, for instance, getting the perspective right or figuring out foreshortening, the Viewframe will definitely help!!


Gift Idea - Viewframe


  1. Art books

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of them!

Here are some that I recommended a couple of years ago that I’d still recommend today. A good place to start. 


Gift Idea - pile of recommended art books


  1. The Daily Artist

Sometimes it’s difficult to squeeze in time to get into our studios. And sometimes it’s challenging to just play as crazy as that sounds. This book has so many fun prompts. I gave it to my arty niece last Christmas and I’m thinking of getting one for myself this year! It’s a great place to smile and let your imagination loose.


Gift Idea - The Daily Artist book


  1. Membership in an Art Society or Online Art Membership

Here’s a list of a whole heap of societies!


Gift Idea - Art membership like Gail Sibley's IGNITE!


And as to memberships…? There’s always IGNITE!


  1. A Wall-Mounted Easel

Okay, this is a bit of a splurge but if you have limited space, you may want to consider one of these. The good thing about this one is that it tilts forward which is mandatory for pastel work!


Gift Idea - wall-mounted easel


  1. Art Videos and DVDs

There’s nothing like watching a person work and hearing them talk about their process. Check out a few of these. 


Gift Idea - DVDs


Gift Idea - video workshops


  1. Cool T-Shirt

Because isn’t this true?? (I think I may need to put it on my wishlist!). And, by the way, these shirts come in a bunch of different colours.


Gift Idea - T-Shirt


  1. Pastel Live 2023!

If you were at Pastel Live this year, you know how good it was. If you weren’t there, I’m sure you’ve heard by now how amazing it was. So why not give this gift to yourself and your art-making life?


Gift Idea - Pastel Live



I hope you’re inspired by these gift ideas. 

Have others? Be sure to leave a comment on the blog! We’d all love to hear about them.



A Chance to win $240 of painting supplies from Winsor and Newton!


Speaking of gift ideas, here’s a chance to win some cool stuff from Winsor and Newton. Although it’s geared towards oil painters, perhaps this is an opportunity for you to try the medium. Or maybe you can gift it to someone you know who would love it!


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All you have to do is tell us what your advice would be to a fellow painter (or yourself!) if you heard them criticizing themselves eg. “I’m not good enough to be an artist!” Or, “All my paintings are rubbish.” 

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment under this super useful article and we’ll choose one random winner by 30 November 2022. (You must have a U.S. address.) The winner will receive one of each of the new Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colors with two brushes, an oil and acrylic pad, and a palette pad – a total MSRP value of approximately $240!

And that’s it for this time,




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