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Colour of paper: Felicity House, "Guitar Players," pastel, 34 x 30 cm (16 x 12 in). Bright papers for atmosphere

How To Choose What Colour Of Paper To Use

Do you think about the colour of paper you use when you begin a soft pastel painting? Felicity House shares many ideas on this very topic! Plus the 31-pastels-in-31-days Challenge begins!
ten Cate - feature image

Siebe Johannes ten Cate – The Quai At Le Havre

A close look at “The Quai At Le Havre” painted by Siebe Johannes ten Cate in 1901. Plus a look at the Pure Colour 6th Annual Exhibition.
Use A Viewfinder To Help Conquer The Overwhelm Of The Landscape

Use A Viewfinder To Conquer The Overwhelm Of The Landscape

How to use a viewfinder to help you isolate what you want to paint. Plus a winning pastel painting!
Emma Colbert favourite pastel hack

Emma Colbert’s Favourite Pastel Hack!

Advisory Board member Emma Colbert shares her favourite pastel hack!

Pastel Society of America – Five Pieces From The 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Gail picks five pieces from the Pastel Society of America (PSA) 50th Anniversary exhibition. Plus a PSA Awards online booklet.
Felicity Talman, Gemma Maris, pastel

Felicity Talman – Inspired By Seaweed

Pastel Today Ambassador Felicity Talman uses the organic forms of seaweed to explore the elements of art. Plus how you can become a Pastel Today Ambassador!
Nail down the composition - painting on location

Nail Down The Composition With A Few Marks

Use this pastel hack from Advisory Board member Nancie King Mertz to establish your composition before adding any pastel. Plus, the IAPS show deadline approaches!
PleinAir Salon Best Plein Air Pastel award medallion

Bill Sweeney Wins July’s Best Plein Air Pastel Award

Bill Sweeney’s painting done at the iconic Kuerner’s Farm wins the July Plein Air Pastel Award while Deborah Darr takes home the Honourable Mention.
Rosalba Giovanna Carriera, A Personification of Winter, c.1726, pastel on blue paper, 61.6 x 49.5 cm, Royal Collection Trust, UK-detail Feature

In The Royal Collection Trust – Four Seasons By Rosalba Carriera

Among the many pastel paintings housed in the Royal Collection Trust are four paintings by Rosalba that personify the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Plus a surprising “Yellow” painting in the Collection.

Casey Klahn Shares Two Unusual Pastel Hacks

Casey Klahn shares two unusual techniques he uses in his pastel paintings. Plus William A. Schneider comes away with the Lora Block award.

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