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CherieDawn Haas is the Editor and Online Content Manager of FineArtConnoisseur.com, Realism Today, and OutdoorPainter.com (home of Plein Air Magazine).
From Lisa Skelly's plein air pastel demonstration

Plein Air Pastel > Let the Viewer Decide

This week, the highly anticipated 5th Annual Plein Air Live included two of our favorite pastel landscape painters: Natasha Isenhour and Lisa Skelly.
Pastel Live

Capturing a Likeness and More: Highlights from Pastel Live

As we wrap up this year's Pastel Live - a "mind-blowing" experience - we want to invite you to the next experience. In the meantime, here's what you may have missed ...
How to paint portraits in pastel

Sanded Surface? Take this Tip!

A recap from Day 2 of the Pastel Live virtual art conference, taking place now through August 19, 2023: On the second official day of Pastel Live, we saw lessons from Jeri Greenberg, Peter Adams,...
From Julie Freeman's Pastel Live demo on how to paint a realistic cat portrait

One Great Reason to Work Lightly with Pastels

...and more sneak peeks at pastel demonstrations from Albert Handell, Margaret Dyer, Casey Klahn, Julie Freeman, and Jill Stefani Wagner.
Laurie Basham Pastel Live 2023

Essential Techniques for Painting with Pastels

Enjoy a recap of the Essential Techniques Day of Pastel Live, an unforgettable event for artists of all levels of painting with pastels.
From Lyn Diefenbach's floral painting demonstration

“Isn’t That Lovely?” Favorite Moments From Pastel Live

A recap from Day 3 of the Pastel Live virtual art conference: "Three amazing days (or nights, because I have 8 hours difference in time) of PastelLive 2022," said Katerina P. "Great event to refresh...
From Vera Kavura's floral still life painting demonstration

Pastel Realism, Smoother Gradations, and More

Many of us are still swimming in the new information we've taken in from Day 2 of Pastel Live! Today's sessions included a realistic ...
From Rita Kirkman's animal painting demonstration

From Fuzzy Bunnies to Hyperrealist Still Lifes

We officially kicked off "Day 1" of Pastel Live yesterday with inspiration and words of wisdom from ...
From William Schneider's portrait painting demonstration

Understanding Your Pastels, and more

Enjoy a recap of the beginner's day of Pastel Live, an unforgettable event for artists of all levels of painting with pastels.

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