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Felicity House shares her tips for letting the paper work for you.
Michele Ashby shares some quick tips that can make a difference in your next portrait.
Fiona Carvell reveals the many layers of meaning and connection in a recent work.
Patel artist Shawn Dell Joyce focuses on the forgotten Florida landscapes. 
Shawn Dell Joyce demonstrates her approach to starting a painting.
Join our community of pastel ambassadors from all over the world!
A close look at a portrait study of Mathilde Musson by Edgar Degas.
Remembered as “an artist, husband, father, sailor, and friend,” Bill Canright started as a self-taught painter when he was just 14 years old.
Lana Ballot shares the qualities of pastel that make the medium particularly beautiful and alive.
Albert Handell shares his process for bringing a painting to a satisfying resolution.

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