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Albert Handell shares his approach to scouting subjects.
Follow in the masters' footsteps to understand how they solved problems.
Why you shouldn’t rely exclusively on photographs in the studio.
Felicity House reveals her answer.
Clive Tyler shares his approach to using pastel en plein air.
Lisa Skelly’s “Exhilaration” went up against 276 other paintings in the 12th Annual PleinAir Salon Competition to be named Best Pastel.
Jill Stefani Wagner walks us through her process of taking a pastel painting that didn’t work out originally but still has potential, and turning it into a work to be proud of.

Down and Dirty

Doug Dawson loves the tactile qualities — the dusty, get-on-your-fingers (and sometimes your face) dirtiness — of pastel.
Lorenzo Chavez shares his secret to taking on the unknown.
Mary Ellen Goetz won Best Plein Air Pastel Honorable Mention in the March PleinAir Salon competition with Downward S. Bristol (pastel, 12 x 12 in.)!

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