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Advisory Board member answers one question

Casey Klahn shares two unusual techniques he uses in his pastel paintings. Plus William A. Schneider comes away with the Lora Block award.
Clarence Porter shares his pastel hack for creating easy colour studies. Plus be inspired by PSSC’s online exhibition.
Advisory Board member Michele Ashby shares her expert tips on how to paint hair convincingly, taking you through four different portraits.
Diane Townsend 17 Ultramarine Blue is the pastel Casey Klahn would not be without. We dig into why that is and how he uses this pastel colour. Plus, meet Pastel Live faculty member Jen Evenhus!
Sally Strand tells us all about how she came to start using her fav pastel Rembrandt Olive Green 620. Plus meet Pastel Live faculty member Tom Christopher.
Artist Tony Allain shares his favourite pastel….His choice(s) may surprise you. Plus, meet Pastel Live faculty member Susan Jenkins.
Felicity House can’t do without Unison Colour A15 in her palette and shares a variety of pieces that show off her use of this brilliant vermillion red plus work by Pastel Live Faculty member Michael Freeman who also happens to use quite a bit of red!
Emma Colbert tells us all about her favourite Unison Colour pastel stick plus Pastel Live faculty member Suzanne Godbout’s painting of a metal bowl.
Michele Ashby shares why Faber Castel 270 and Unison Colour A25 are must-haves on her palette plus a call for entry deadline for the Philadelphia Pastel Society!
Advisory board member Clarence Porter shares why Diane Townsend #804 is the pastel stick he can’t be without.

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