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Advisory Board member answers one question

Emma Colbert takes us through the steps of choosing a colour palette. Plus a pastel painting to honour International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Richard Suckling offers a way to make it easier to paint trees from photos. Plus, Carlson’s words on painting trees.
Advisory Board member Michele Ashby shares how to use the grid method. Plus how to become a Pastel Today Ambassador!
Casey Klahn shares how he uses memory as a source of inspiration. Plus Sargent and Spain exhibition.
Advisory Board member Nancie King Mertz shares how Richard Schmid influenced her work. Plus the winner at the Philadelphia Pastel Society Show.
Caravaggio is the artist Clarence Porter cites as having a big impact on his work. Plus the People’s Choice Award in the September PleinAir Salon.
Until Richard Suckling encountered the work of Pierre Bonnard, he struggled with colour. Plus saying goodbye to M.Stephen Doherty, former Editor of American Artist and PleinAir Magazine.
“Women in a Hat” by Henri Matisse started the Fauvist movement in 1905. Casey Klahn tells us why this painting has made such an impact on his work. Plus a portrait for Remembrance Day.
Michele Ashby named Andrew Wyeth as the artist who has had the most impact on her artwork. Plus the PSNH Exhibition is online!
Emma Colbert explains why George Seurat’s painting, “A Sunday on la Grand Jatte,” made such an impact on her. Also, the Scottsdale Art School Annual Auction!

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